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Our home for a platform for secure, efficient and effortless administration of community schemes.

In today’s world, community is more important than ever. It’s the driving force behind everything we do.

Amiti is designed by real estate professionals​ dedicated to building solutions that enable communities to run smoothly.

Our software enables managers of residential properties to take control of every aspect of their business, whether in the office or fully remote.

Built for community scheme executives, homeowners and tenants, Amiti Plex makes the management of lifestyle communities easy, safe and affordable.

From small body corporates and complexes, to large estate managing bodies and residents’ associations, it adds value to the communities who live and play there, fostering strong community relationships between residents

Designed and developed on Google Cloud Platform, an infrastructure that ensures the safety and security of your data, Amiti Plex offers a unified administration platform and website for every type of community scheme.

It is packed with powerful management and communication tools and accessible online using your pc, tablet or smartphone.

With Plex you don’t just get peace of mind, you get a solution that makes managing your community scheme a breeze – whether you manage five properties or 500.

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What makes Plex unique?

  • Plex is easy – eliminate headaches with automated financial management and communicate quickly with your audience.
  • Plex is safe – information and documents are available only to your members.
  • Plex is for everyone – admin tools and systems can be used by anyone at any time from anywhere.
  • Plex is affordable – you pay only for the functions and features you use
  • Plex is secure – your data is secured by Google Cloud Platform, the most secure cloud platform in the world
  • Plex is accessible – use any device (pc, tablet or smartphone) to access your scheme and use the various management tools available on the Plex admin site.

Why you need Plex

Amiti Plex



Benefits of Plex

Unmatched features to help property schemes run smoothly

  • The online portal and database provide an administrative platform and individualised website for each community scheme.
  • Create tasks online, and share them instantly with other members of your management team. The task system also keeps track of progress and alerts you of overdue projects.
  • Communicating is easy. SMS notifications, emails and newsletters are all sent from one simple, easy-to-use dashboard that is accessible to your admin team.
  • Manage residents’ maintenance requests and payments online.
  • Financial reporting, budget tracking and levy billing? All your functions in one place with the ability to instantly share information with members of your management team or your accountant via secure login.
  • Need to quickly know how many of your members rent parking bays, or have exclusive use areas? Simply create any type of custom field and add it to a property or user’s profile.
  • Tired of needing to send out documents to members again and again? With PLEX you can make scheme documents available to your registered members which they can access via your own custom website.

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