Are you sure that your COJ municipal billing is correct? Here’s a couple of thing you should check:
  • Are your account details and property description correct?

  • Are you being billed for the correct services? Owners in community schemes are not billed for the same services as owners in free-standing homes.

  • Did you pay a deposit…is it reflecting on your statement?

  • Is the property valuation correct? Remember this effect the property rates you pay (2018 COJ valuation roll will be available from the 20th of February on the COJ website)

  • Are you on the correct tariff?

  • Is the City taking actual readings, and have estimated charges been reversed (or does the bill show a reconciliation)?

  • If you are in a Body Corporate you will usually pay your water & electricity to the Body Corporate, your COJ bill should only reflect RATES and REFUSE.

  • Register on the COJ website to receive or access your accounts electronically:

Are you sure that your COJ Municipal billing is correct?

Very important: remember that the owner of a Sectional Title property is responsible for ensuring that their COJ account (rates & refuse) is opened with the city…don’t just assume it happened automatically!!!
If you have any queries in terms of municipal issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website:

Are you sure that your COJ Municipal billing is correct?

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